Famous Last Words, Kailee Reese Samuels

I had to take a day to process everything I was feeling after reading this, and I still feel like I can’t come up with an adequate review. As other reviewers are saying, wow.

“Love it, hate it, own it; It’s mine.”

I still have to say, I don’t love Iris. I don’t think she’s good for Sal, but she is who Sal wants, so we go with it because we support true love. I feel that so much more was revealed about Deacon, and his place in Sal’s world was cemented because of his loyalty, because of who he is, because he’s good for Sal. There’s a level of intimacy between the two that is incredibly rare and so inspiring. It’s helped to cement for Sal the acceptance of who he is.

Sal’s mountain is crumbling and he needs to pick up the pieces and try to make it as whole as he possibly can, which is hard to do when he’s voluntarily put himself in prison. I found myself making a list of who needed to go, and the list is long. When Sal starts working on this list, it is going to get crazy, so we have something incredible to look forward to in the next book.

I continue to be impressed with the storyline, the directions chosen, and the depth of details in creating such intricate lives from imagination. I talk a lot about this world Kailee has created because it is an entire world unto itself. It spans a catalog of books, and to possibly be able to create a realistic world and have such a huge cast of characters, each with such specific roles, is a marvelous feat.

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