Stratagem, Christina Hagmann

Meda is different than other teenagers her age, she’s a mimic and can make herself look like anyone she chooses. That ability gets her hauled in from the Agency, to use as they see fit, and they don’t have good intentions. In fact, she’s already been doing some dangerous missions, Meda’s problem is that she doesn’t think about what she does or the repercussions that come from those actions.

Meda is insecure in herself and sees herself as weak when in actuality, she has skills even she doesn’t know about. (there could even be a book 2 involving the skills that were discussed but never came about in the book.) Sometimes her self-doubt was a bit too much for my taste as it made her appear weaker, and I prefer strong leading ladies. She has a high level of distrust of people, but considering the fact she’s being used, it’s understanding. But sometimes she needs to learn to trust her gut.

I liked Brody as a good supporting character although there wasn’t too much depth to him. I think the book being short and sweet allowed you just enough time to get engaged in the storyline, but not as much time to giving our characters multi-dimensions. I also really liked what we knew of Isa, and being that she’s more ruthless than other Mimic’s, I think her character could do a lot of things.

Strategem was a super fun read for me. I liked the idea of having people that can change what they look like at will, and the possibility that there are more people out there that have skills we don’t know about. I think as I mentioned above that Hagmann could do a book 2 to give her readers more of Meda and the skills that Isa alludes to in the book. This was a quick and easy read with a fun and engaging plot. Nicely done.

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