Rule Breaker, Phoebe Alexander

Athena and Warren live a good life. Warren is retired and Athena works as an editor of a magazine. Only, the magazine is on the chopping block and needs rebranding. Athena must assemble a dream team because she only has a few short months to pitch the new idea. With the help of some fabulous ladies, and one sexy gentleman named Ramsey, she’s sure she can save everyone’s jobs.

Meanwhile, Warren is looking to add more to their relationship, a way to spice things up and make their relationship more fulfilling. Athena is happy with the way things are, especially with all the pressures at work, so she isn’t totally on board. But Ramsey has caught her eye, and even though she would never do anything to jeopardize her job, she can’t deny that she’s drawn to him. He’s going to be good for the project and so much more.

If you’re looking for a wonderful couple with a lot of heat, you’ve found it in Rule Breaker. Athena is strong, assertive, and comfortable in her skin, she’s a great leading lady. Warren is funny and he’s an adoring husband and big fan of his wife. Despite his past, Ramsey is a great guy, and he’s so very easy on the eyes. Rule Breaker has a lot of heat with a great storyline, very well-written and a lot of fun.

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