Misandry, Jo-Anne Joseph

“You go through life for a while pretending you’re a survivor, but you never quite get over what was stolen from you.”

I loved how Misandry was told, in alternating viewpoints, that slowly work together to become a full picture. We’re given Evelyn, who’s a rookie on the force and is given some really rough cases to start. Her partner Ace is good at what he does, even if he goes about it in ways that are outside the box.

Then we have Raven, who we know is going to be dark from the moment we meet her. A deadly seductress who is highly skilled in what she does. It’s because of what’s stolen that Misandry can even take place. Hate and hurt are great motivators for Raven. When you’ve had the worse done to you, lower than the worst, and you have the means to take retribution, you take it. You tear down the machine that was bent on destroying you.

This isn’t your typical romance and if you’ve read Misandry, then it means you’ve read Mariticide, so you think you will know what you can expect, spoiler alert, you can’t. Because Joseph takes you into the various levels of hell just to spit you back out again, hoping to be made whole. Her characters and storyline are gritty and unique, dark and depraved, and so insanely good. Excellent storytelling from a superb author.

You can read my review on Amazon, Goodreads and Bookbub, give it a “like” while you’re there. Misandry is available on Amazon for $2.99. it’s enrolled in KU.