Holding Out for Harper, Gabrielle Ashton

In Ashton’s second novel, we meet Harper, who works for Joshua. But right now, she’s needed to work over with his brother Sebastian. The problem? Neither of them like each other and the level of snark skyrockets with her working so closely with him. Thankfully it’s only until his assistant gets back from her vacation.

Only Sebastian gets the idea that he could pay Harper to pretend to be his fiance. It would keep the women and his family off his back, he’s known for being a playboy. Harper doesn’t want to do this, she still can’t stand him, but unfortunately, something has happened and she really needs the money. What ensues is what happens when two people who have an obvious attraction continue to try and fight it.

So Sebastian wasn’t my most favorite guy, he really was a bit of a jerk and said some inappropriate things at the most inopportune times. Other times he would be angry and lash out, he seemed a bit uppity with his expensive tastes. Harper was hardworking, funny, and level headed and she was exactly what he needed in his life to bring him back down to earth. The more he spent time with Harper, the easier he was to handle. I even grew to like him at the start of their fake relationship.

The chemistry between them was *scorching* hot, Ashton writes super sexy scenes. Her stories are well-written with wonderful characters who are full of personality. To be able to write a character that readers dislike, but then have him grow and evolve into someone likable is a gift. Enemies to lovers is a really fun trope and Ashton has done it well.

You can read my review on Amazon and Goodreads, give it a “like” while you’re there. Grab Holding Out for Harper on Amazon for $3.99, it’s enrolled in KU.