Left Drowning, Jessica Park

Blythe is drowning the pain of losing her parents in a keg of beer. She just can’t cope, even after 4 years. But twice in one day, she met two different men, brothers actually, that will change her view of the world and herself.

First, we meet Sabin, who steals her coffee and is hilarious about it. He’s definitely going to be a lot of fun. Then we meet his brother Chris. Chris is intense, but he’s so connected and easy-going, Blythe is instantly drawn to him. They share a connection that can’t be put into words. She’s finally found the friendship she’s avoided at college, the feeling of family she hasn’t gotten with her brother, and she finally belongs. Harper learns the Shepherd’s are in need of healing as much as she is.

I adore Blythe. She’s so much stronger than she realizes. She’s down to earth, she’s funny, and she would make a great best friend. I love Sabin and see so much potential in him. He’s a great guy who needs to find a great girl. Chris is amazing despite his need to push people away. I’ve been there too, and it seems like the easier route to take in life. Chris and Blythe together? Wow, just wow! So-insanely-hot. I love the intricate, interconnecting lines that have traversed their lives.

Then there were the tears, of course, there were tears! I haven’t read much of Park’s but I’ve realized in the few books I have read, to stock up on tissues. She knows how to tug at the heartstrings and then heal the broken heart. Excellent writing, with fabulous characters. I’m so excited to continue on with this series.

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