Where the Forest Meets the Stars, Glendy Vanderah

Joann is outside the home she is renting when a young girl in torn pajamas and no shoes shows up. Ursa claims she’s an alien who has taken over the young girl’s body and she’s on Earth to find 5 miracles for her Ph.D. before she can return. Jo tries to call the police, but Ursa runs, and the officer tells her of the horrors of foster care and implies she’s better off where she is.

What unfolds is Jo’s story of completing her research while trying to figure out where Ursa came from, why no one has filed a missing person, and how she can keep the young girl safe. In the meantime, Jo befriends a man selling eggs down the road, Gabe, and he too is drawn in by how whip-smart Ursa is, she’s very clever and often sees more than she lets on.

This was a fun read, watching the bond form between the unlikely trio. All three of them had overcome a lot in their lives, and there was still a lot of healing that needed to be done. For me, it was a slow start, but once it picked up, I couldn’t stop reading. Ursa was a fantastic character, magical in her observations and her tales. A fun read.

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