A Stranger on the Beach, Michele Campbell

So this was a very hyped book and I confess that I fell prey to the hype and had this ordered from the library a few months before release day. I think for some, they will really love this book, and for others, they might think “eh, I saw it coming”. And that’s okay, because I’m not disappointed by it in any way, it was a fast and easy read with various elements that might appeal to various readers. Here’s my review:

Caroline sees a man staring at her house from the beach. She instantly thinks he’s casing the house out, and why not, it’s a brand new, multi-million dollar house. That’s not their only meeting, and the story revolves around the two of them.

A Stranger on the Beach was told in alternating viewpoints between our main character Caroline, and the stranger Aidan. They were very unreliable narrators and Campbell made that work well to keep the element of surprise, until about halfway through when things became obvious. Though I have read other reviews where people were completely surprised, so it might be different for each person.

While the book is centered around this stranger, Aidan, The relationship with Caroline and Jason wasn’t built solidly enough for me to warrant the big to do. The stalker aspect of Aidan, how unstable he was, added a good creepy element to the story because Caroline starts off by telling us just that vibe she got from him from their first meeting. But I couldn’t relate to Caroline and her poor choices, so I wasn’t hit in the gut with that vibe she got, which might have made the story creepier and more engaging for me. But this was a quick and easy read, a fun thriller with a mixed bag of likable and unlikable elements.

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