High Achiever, Tiffany Jenkins

I had never heard of Tiffany before I saw this book in a giveaway. I went and watched a few hours of her videos and was hooked. So I went back to enter the giveaway, because I had to have this, and luck me won!

Here’s my review:

In High Achiever, we follow Tiffany as she recounts her story of addiction and how she hit rock bottom. So much of being an addict is the manipulation of others, the sheer will to try to get what you need, through any means necessary. You see that so much in her writing, in her quest to hide her addiction, the stories she weaves to keep that high put her deeper and deeper.

I found Tiffany’s honesty refreshing. She didn’t hold back and her story ranged from sometimes funny to sometimes heartbreaking in her quest to stay high as she watched her life crumble around her. In those moments, you are right there with her struggling. She knows she’s screwing up and yet her brain is forcing her to keep on chasing.

She has a strong personality and it shines through in her writing. Tiffany is the type of person you don’t expect, but as we know, addiction can happen to anyone. She doesn’t hold back, and I think that put off a few readers who thought she was glorifying what she did when I see it as anything but. This was almost a one sit read for me, kudos on your sobriety!

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