Life and Death, S.M. Starley

In the final book of the Memories and Lies trilogy, Karen must integrate with Erin, and she’s having a hard time with it. She’s been working hard in therapy, she has the support of her brother Adam, and even Shaun, although she’s still trying to push him away. But she gets unexpected news, and she’s trying to reconcile exactly what it is she wants, and if she can even do it.

Karen is strong, and she’s a fighter, she would have to be to make it this far in life. She’s just not aware of how strong she is, and her journey to realize that is a long, hard road. She fought against Erin and her toxicity for so long, it’s no wonder integrating is so far her, the realization that she’s not just herself, but Erin too.

It’s hard for people with PTSD, the hyper-vigilance, the inability to know who you can trust, and it’s exacerbated by Karen’s other issues. Sure, she still has her moments of doubt, but then reason comes through, loud and clear. This was a great conclusion to Karen’s story and Starley did a great job of giving Karen a voice and letting her story be heard.

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