The Bookish Life of Nina Hill, Abbi Waxman

“Trust people with your truth, and bravely tell them you’re not brave at all.”

Nina is smart, and funny, with a touch of OCD, especially when it comes to planning. Her days and appointments are planned down to the minute, and she loves working in the bookstore with the women she’s come to think of as friends. She dates here and there and she’s happy being single. But then she finds out who her father is, only he’s dead, and now she has a bunch of siblings and it’s all a bit overwhelming for her.

Then there’s Tom, who she thinks is insanely good looking, and he loves doing trivia night, so that’s a bonus. It turns out that Tom is pretty funny, and he matches Nina’s quick wit and humor. But Nina isn’t looking for anything serious, there’s already so much going on. She just doesn’t have the time for Tom. After all, everything is planned down to the minute.

Nina is super funny, she’s very quick in her banter and I laughed a lot with her. There were only a few downfalls of the book for me, the fact that everyone in her life was so much like her, and her need to control every aspect of her life was as overwhelming for me as it was the other characters. I really liked Tom and would love to see more of him. I thought he was good for Nina. I really loved Archie and Peter, and then as we got to know them, her entire family. Seriously there could be books devoted to each of them and I would read every one. The book was as poignant as it was funny. Well done!

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