The Tunnelers, Geoff Gander

A mining foreman, Kirkwood has showed up the hospital after a mining accident, ranting, “They’re watching us down below!” Fascinated, Dr. Michaelson has called in our initial narrator, Dr. Vince Armstrong. Through his notes, we watch what spectators might assume is Kirkwood’s decent into madness. But the true horror might just be that it isn’t madness at all.

So I found the oncoming threat of tunnelers interesting. That they want to live an existence away from humans is typical, but nothing about them is typical, and they will do anything to keep their secret. Through the notes, you watch Armstrong and subsequently Michaelson go from disbelief to knowing.

An incredibly short story, The Tunnelers was a quick read in time, and in the aspect that you don’t want to stop reading to find out what is happening. It was great at creating a chilling atmosphere with the impending doom. Nicely done.

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