After She Fell, Amber Laura

Christina is trying her best to live the perfect life, the life that wouldn’t shame her family. This is because, after one mistake, her mother cast her out from the family, shamed by her actions. So now she works hard at her job, her boss Matthew and his wife Mary are the family she’s always needed. But Christina is so used to reliving the mistake it’s easier for her to keep people at a distance and then push people away when they get to close. She just can’t risk getting hurt again.

But there’s a problem, she’s in love with Matthew and Mary’s son Jason, she has been for four years. She would never act on it and risk her position in the job and the family, but she can’t seem to shut off her feelings. Now there are mixed signals flying and she isn’t sure what to think, but it might not be worth the risk.

Christina is a very insecure woman, she has low self-esteem and she’s a pretty angry person. She’s relentless in keeping Jason at a distance. She was so used to reliving her past and mistakes, that she wouldn’t let herself move on. I didn’t much care for her, I thought she put too much importance on what her parents did to her and she’s a beautiful person, but is so insecure, it just didn’t match up.

This was a bit of a slow-burn in that we’re just waiting for the fissures to crack and for Christina to finally cave and give in to Jason. Laura was good at creating a romantic atmosphere, but she shied away from the down and dirty making this a bit of a clean romance. The story was well told and her characters were in-depth, I especially loved Mary and think we could all use a bit of motherly wisdom such as hers. Overall an engaging read.

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