Air of Darkness, Rose O'Brien

Alex is in the FBI and is going to use his connections to find his friend’s killer. On one very bizarre night, Alex learns about an entirely different world than the one he thought he knew. One in which the unbelievable is made real, and that’s because of Alayna.

Alayna is a Whisper Mage who can control all 4 elements, a rarity that is feared by other mages for sure. She’s never gotten serious with a man before, why bother when your time is limited and you know you’re going to die young? But as a force for good, she leads her team of misfits taking down those that would do evil in this world. Alex might just be the missing link the team needs, even if he is only a Sapien.

Air of Darkness was such a pleasant surprise, it had great characters with an engaging storyline. I loved the connection between Alayna and Alex, O’Brien knows how to write steamy, and well. Alayna made a perfect main character as she’s strong, assertive, and incredibly talented. I adored Alayna’s team, each of the quirks and abilities they had and would love to see more of them. This was well-written and so much fun to read.

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