Copper Pennies, Carrie D. Miller

After getting a new job in which she falls in love with her boss, things go awry for Magda. Josef, her boss, dies, not only with final wishes but opening a door of dark magic. When she fails to complete his final wishes because WWII is at her doorstep, she loses her memory and sails across the ocean to live out her life.

Now an old woman and an adoptive grandmother to two powerful twins, Magda is being plagued by powerful dreams. She must complete what her long lost love Josef asked so many years ago. So under the guise of returning home to die, she leaves the life she has made for reasons much eviler.

While I thought the story was a bit slow at times, it was a good story. The characters were in-depth, and the added magic was well-researched. A bit fantasy, a bit thriller, you follow Magda and the twins down a dark path as evil makes its way into the world. Copper Pennies is book 1, and I do hope to see more of the twins. Well done.

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