Of War and Taters, Ashley Chappell

When an ambitious 4th grader’s news story makes national headlines, news reporters swarm in from all over the country to uncover the rampant racism in town amongst the gangs. The only problem? The gang is a bunch of 4th graders, best friends in fact, in typical summertime play.

Now the circus is in town, as well as a famous actor’s ghost and things are downright nutty for Sheriff Stanley Grace, whose wife has tried in endless ways to kill him and keep her generous inheritance for herself. Have I mentioned things are a bit of a mess in town?

The characters were quirky and fun, with the exception of Cyrus. I did not care for in the way he talked to others, and I do understand that’s his character, but he’s calling people dwarfs and marmoset face and there are tattooed pigs in the circus and it all just made me uncomfortable.

But when I take out my dislike for Cyrus, the book is a strong 4-star read. It was a fun story, and poor Stanley sincerely tried to shut it all down, but no one was having it. When Mad Mother Hinkle showed us why she was given that nickname I burst out laughing at the ingenuity. This was such a smart and clever book. When you think things can’t go more awry, it does, and you find yourself laughing out loud at the hilarity of it all.

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