The Extra, Megan Walker and Janci Patterson

Gabby is an outcast, she’s the family screw-up who doesn’t fit in with her parents or her siblings. With a scientist sister and a musical brother, she has no comparable talent. She’s always getting fired from various jobs and she seems rather hopeless.

But then her best friend Anna-Marie gets a job on the soap opera “Passion Medical” and gets Gabby on as an extra. It’s perfect for her because she’s good at fading into the background. Only Will works there as a writer, the Will she spent hours dreaming about while she worked for him at a bookstore two years ago. But then there was that incident in the break room and he fired her, story of her life.

But she still has feelings for him and hopes that perhaps now they could date, only, he’s engaged. But she loves this job and is good at it. If she can forget about Will and just be friends, things would be great. Which is hard to do because Will doesn’t see her as a screw up. Whatever will she do?

So this was a super fun read, with some great characters. I really liked Anna and Gabby as a duo, and love the fact this is part of a series because it means there will be more! (but can totally be read as a standalone, which followers of my reviews know I absolutely love). I really liked Will, despite the fact he was married to the wicked witch, or as she’s called in the book, BB. Sometimes we get blinded by love to see the train wreck we’ve landed in, and that’s what happens to him. I also really like Karen, her receptionist friend from the set, and hope to see more of her as well.

Poor Gabby didn’t have it easy growing up, feeling like she was the lesser of her siblings. That created a vortex of low self-esteem for her, and we watch her make progress throughout the book. Progress in learning to love herself, to find her passion in which she can excel in life. The Extra was so well-written, and so much fun, it was practically a one-sit reading. Excellent!

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