Human Flesh, Nick Clausen

Two siblings are headed to Maine to spend their winter vacation with their grandfather. But he doesn’t show up at the train station. Catching a ride to his house, things start to get weird when they arrive. The house is freezing and grandpa isn’t dressed, lost in thought gazing out the window.

Told through police evidence and blog stories, we get a look at the winter break for Otha and Hugh, as they watch their grandfather’s behavior get more and more bizarre. They’ve heard rumors of their grandfather’s odd behavior, but this is more, so much so. Something is out there, and if the kids don’t find help, they could be next.

So the thing I’ve come to love about Clausen is that he gives you a great, creepy, horror story in a little package, and he delivers a 5-star read in Human Flesh. It’s dark and mysterious, it’s creepy, and it’s a perfectly packaged wild ride of horror. Very well done.

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