Jar of Hearts, Jennifer Hillier

In high school, Angela, Geo, and Kaiser were a happy trio of friends. But then Geo started dating an older guy, Calvin, that took up all of her time. She started pulling away from friends, slipping behind in schoolwork and more. After a brief falling out, Geo tries to make things right with Angela, but then Angela disappeared and everything changed. Fourteen years later, we start our story, told in alternating timelines of past and present, the story of the fateful night that Geo has kept hidden comes to light. Kaiser, now a detective, is the one to arrest Geo as we watch the story unfold.

So I was really excited for this read from all of the hype and Hillier did not disappoint. As the book went on, I found myself more and more shocked by Geo’s choices. We spent all this time hating Calvin, and it turns out there is someone so much scarier out there. I thought the characters were great, the plot was excellent. While I did figure out the major plot twist, I thought it was a doozy, and that most wouldn’t see coming. I’ve not read Hillier before but she definitely has a new fan.

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