You Deserve Each Other, Sarah Hogle

I received this as a very advanced, advanced readers copy from Penguin Group Putnam, and to think I almost put this down!! Read why:

So I have to say, I almost put this down after the first chapter. Naomi did nothing but pick at her fiance Nicholas (mentally), his endless flaws, things that drove her nuts about him, and why they would never work. But I am so insanely glad that I stuck with it because this turned out to be such a super fun read.

Naomi and Nicholas are engaged to be married, yet there is so much distance in their relationship there doesn’t seem to be much point in going through with the wedding. He’s an absolute momma’s boy and when Deborah calls, he comes running. Heck, his mother is planning their wedding and making all the decisions without Naomi. She is the definition of a mother-in-law from hell.

Neither of them is happy in their lives or with each other and doubts about the upcoming nuptials start to creep in. So our duo starts a silent war, torture the other until they scream uncle and call off the wedding. The only problem? As each of them ups the ante, they discover so much more about the other they never even realized.

Eek! So as I stated in the beginning, I loved You Deserve Each Other. I thought the creative ways in which Naomi and Nicholas pranked each other was so much fun (panties stapled to the ceiling? brilliant!). I really loved Nicholas and his quiet, unassuming way to show love. His dedication to his family was obvious in so many of his actions and I’m a bit disappointed that Naomi found him first. Hogle did a great job with the characters and she made Deborah perfectly unlikable. I loved watching Naomi and Nicholas learn more about each other. Excellent writing and super fun, I think You Deserve Each Other will be a sure hit!

For now you can read my review on Goodreads and Bookbub, as this isn’t out til next year. You Deserve Each Other is available for preorder on Amazon for $11.99, it releases April 7th, 2020.