The Turn of the Key, Ruth Ware

Rowen has gotten a job as a nanny in an out of the way home in Scotland. Set remotely from the town, she will be in charge of taking care of three of the family’s four girls. We start our book with Rowan writing a prospective new lawyer, Mr. Wrexham, to take her case, because she is in jail for murder. We watch the chilling story unfold through her letters to the prospective Mr. Wrexham.

I didn’t really care for Rowen, I thought that she overreacted to little incidences, and she wasn’t very good at being a nanny. The girls were typical girls, having to adjust to yet again another nanny. Maddie was a bit creepy at times, she was definitely the one pulling the strings, and you could tell that her younger sister Ellie did whatever she asked of her.

I knew as soon as we learned that it was a smart home, that things were going to go awry. I’ve had my own Echo dot randomly start talking, and so I can imagine how much more so things could go wrong in a house that is fully updated with technology.

There were a few twists towards the ending, and I thought the double punch made it stand out from other thrillers with a twist. The story and setting were well-written, with well thought out characters. Ware has done a great job creating a disturbing setting with so much potential for things to go wrong. This is my first read of Ware’s and definitely not my last!

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