The Merging of Shadows, Price Girls

Marimar and her family have moved to Texas from Oregon so her father to work. The biggest difference from Oregon is how unbearably hot it is. It’s a much bigger house but the room she shares with her younger sister Marisol reeks, and there’s no explanation as to why. Now Marimar is having nightmares, and things are being moved around the house…somehow.

Sage is a local boy who grew up hearing the stories of Marimar’s house. She’s curious about the stories and Sage is the only one willing to tell her what he’s heard. But she’s in denial about what’s going on and doesn’t want to believe him. But as things in the house start to escalate, she starts getting scared, and she only has Sage to believe her.

So there were a few things I didn’t like about The Merging of Shadows, and the biggest one is Marisol’s lisp. There is a much better way to show your readers that a person has a lisp than adding that lisp to every sentence she speaks. It slows down the reading drastically and I found myself skimming past whenever she spoke. I also thought Marimar was excessively judgey and stubborn, she had to do a lot of apologizing or demanding apologies.

But when I take out the few things I didn’t like, I find there’s a lot to like. This is a really fun haunting story, and I think for readers that get scared from books, they might find this to do the trick. It’s not a typical haunting that is going on and things escalate very quickly. The writing and characters are good, and it appears there is more in store for this family.

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