What Comes After, Melissa Toppen

We got to spend the day at the ocean yesterday, so of course, I spent it reading and was able to finish What Comes After. Here’s my review:

Three years later, Abel is still having a hard time getting over losing Finley. But at least he feels ready to return back to Chicago, even if it will be hard to go all the places where her ghost will haunt. He’s become extremely close with Finley’s sister Claire, she’s his rock, and vice versa, it’s only through her that he feels ready to come back at all.

Peyton isn’t much for dating and she’s definitely not into one night stands, no matter how hard her roommate Henna is trying to hook her up. But when she meets Abel, something is different, she’s drawn to him in an unexplainable way. But they can’t have a relationship, he’s still in love with his wife, and she can’t compete with a ghost.

So I had mixed feelings about Peyton in What Comes After, she starts off as such a strong and confident woman, but then she grows insecure and oblivious. Henna is repeatedly saying things like “One of these days you’re going to get out of your own way and let yourself try to be happy.” because Peyton really is her own biggest obstacle.

She’s pretty oblivious to any sort of signals Abel gives off, no matter how unintentional they are. I also don’t like how she caved into his “I don’t want strings” business, (which he was completely honest about his inability to move forward from the start) because Toppen spent a good deal of time laying the groundwork for Peyton staying celibate for the sake of not wanting one-nighters, but then she flips and as okay. So for me, Peyton isn’t a strong character at all, but Peyton and Abel together? Wonderful!

It was a hard road for them, but what I really liked about Payton, was that even though she was insecure about Finley, she accepted that he would always love her, and then was able to come to the conclusion that there was room in his heart for both of them. I feel it was Abel who started to cave first as far as his feelings towards Payton because he would say the sweetest things, even if he was in denial about it all. I think he deserved the happily ever after and he gets that with Payton. The two of them are adorably so good for each other.

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