Aftermath of Defiance, A.M. Bochnak

In the aftermath of the uprising, Conner and Kat are trying their best to survive. But things are getting bad out there as they are being hunted by SUM and Dr. Hunter. Buildings are being leveled and friends are either getting killed or dragged away, somewhere. Dr. Hunter is planning something, but they aren’t sure what, and Kat’s new abilities might not be enough to save them.

I had read Fortitude Rising last year, and I admit that I read so much, I had forgotten the premise a bit before starting this (a hazard of reading approx 30 books a month for sure). But once I got into the groove, things started coming back to me. At first, I thought Conner’s hesitance of Ajax was a bit overkill, but the more I read of how aloof he was, the more I started to agree with Conner, that Ajax was definitely hiding something. Conner doesn’t have the support he needs in this book because of his defiance, which is going to make his path decidedly so much harder.

I knew coming into this that we would end on a cliffhanger because book 1 did that, and I’m not a fan of cliffhangers at all (especially when the books are spaced so far apart, as stated above, I forget the plot), but I think this is such a surprising series, because everyone’s talents are different and they all have something to contribute. I would love to find out what Dr. Hunter is up to. I think Kat is going to be a force to be reckoned with, and when you get everyone together, Dr. Hunter will have met his match. Nicely done.

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