Beautiful March, Christy Pastore

Haven has had to head back to her hometown for a wedding, only to get dumped by her boyfriend, no big loss there, he was a jerk. Thankfully she gets dumped in Tyler’s restaurant, and he’s there to listen to her after his best friend has just dumped her. Tyler is incredibly funny and very good looking, and he would be just the thing Haven needed if she wasn’t set on returning home as soon as all this is over, small-town living, with its gossip and busybodies just isn’t the life for her, especially because both Haven and Tyler have secrets that they’d rather not see the light of day.

Okay, people, we have a situation, and that is a delicious bit of a slow burn where you find yourself just aching for them to get it on. Tyler is being a good guy, and so he doesn’t just want to jump in and treat Haven like just another guy. So they’re spending a lot of time together, doing utterly romantic things that is just building the tension of “when the hell are you two going to get it on!?” and then the relief of when they finally do…ahh!! So good!

Beautiful March is all sorts of sexual tension, and sexy moments, the stress of dealing with your past, it’s a wonderful storyline with comedic relief from Tyler and some yummy recipes to try out (grilled cheese with fig jam? yes please). I love Pastore’s writing and I’m so glad I won this in a giveaway a few months back, I’m only sorry I waited so long to read this. Well done!

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