The Odds of Loving Grover Cleveland, Rebekah Crane

This cover!! I knew from how great the cover is that I would love this book, and it did not disappoint.

Zander has been sent to a camp for teens with varying emotional problems, some have eating disorders, others are cutters or depressed. She’s not happy with her parents for sending here, but she’s glad to be away from her overbearing mother right now. There’s a misfit cast of characters that each have their own quirks and issues that bring so much to Zander’s experience at camp.

Cassie doesn’t eat and she takes diet pills to stay thin, she’s struggling with her identity. She grew up with a mother who didn’t care and she pushes people away as a defense mechanism. Grover, whose father is schizophrenic, is worried he will get the disease as well. As he says it, he’s got a “heightened emotional state”. Lastly, we have Bec, who is a compulsive liar, and we’re not sure what bits of information from him is real, other than he’s clearly obsessed with Cassie.

The story unfolds for us slowly learning what has brought Zander to camp and watching her make friends with this group, and learning how to navigate the world in a healthy manner. The dynamic between Zander and Cassie is at the forefront of the story, and Cassie is a lot to handle, but Zander is learning the best way to approach this friendship. When she’s at her limit with Cassie, she realizes she can’t abandon her, as she says “Maybe that’s what everyone has done to her. They’ve left her standing alone in the water because they couldn’t take it anymore…” I haven’t touched on the blossoming relationship between Zander and Grover because I think that would be better off for the reader to experience.

I know other reviewers had issues with Cassie’s strong personality and the very mixed bunch of characters, but I loved both. I’ve met people like Cassie and they really are the ones that need love the most.

This was such a fun story for me to read, as I stated I loved the characters and the storyline. As I read ebooks, I highlight things that stand out, and this book is filled with highlights because there are so many poignant lines, things that resonated with me. “Everyone wants to find a way out when they’re locked in What most people don’t realize is that there’s always another locked door.” I think that quote speaks of the message of the book. So incredibly well done!

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