The Girlfriend Stage, Megan Walker and Janci Patterson

Anna-Marie has had to return home to Wyoming for a family reunion, something she’s avoided doing. It’s a small town, everyone knows everything and rumors and gossip runs rampant. But she might just find herself the center of such gossip, especially because she’s an actress on a soap opera. She plans to get the reunion done and then return to her casual boyfriend Josh back in California. Things take a downhill turn from the start and Anna-Marie finds herself in hot water, literally, and things get hilarious super quick.

When Josh shows up, she’s shocked. Not only because she spent the previous night with an ex-boyfriend in a few compromising situations, but because his showing up might mean he’s thinking of becoming more serious than she’s prepared for. She’s petrified of commitment, her father is a serial marrier and adulterer and wasn’t a good role model for how relationships should be. If he can cheat on her mom and so many others, who’s to say Josh won’t do the same. Better to keep things casual for sure.

Ugh, Josh is pretty perfect, and the fact that both him and Anna-Marie have Hollywood personas isn’t surprising. He puts up with a lot from her, but she’s scared and is acting out because of that. The fact her family is a touch out there added to the story, especially her cousin Lily and her obvious attempts at trying to steal Josh. There were some super fun characters in the book and the writing was excellent. A fun story with a duo perfectly suited for each other.

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