Forever, Sienna Grant

When Aidan’s world gets turned upside down, he isn’t sure how he will move on. Right now, hiding out in the house whenever he isn’t at work seems the best option. But when his brother steps in to drag him back to the land of the living, he realizes how much he gave up in his disastrous relationship and wants to fight his way back, repairing broken relationships. That’s when he meets Zoey. She’s independent and stubborn, she’s a single mom, working at 3 jobs to support her son. But there’s just something about Aidan that has her rethinking her relationship status.

Well, I think Aidan might just be my favorite brother in this series because when he finds his backbone, he flexes it so well. I love how good a father he is to his daughter and how good a role model he is to Zoey’s son Billy. The connection that grows between him and Zoey is immense and the chemistry between the two is smoking hot. I really liked how strong a person Zoey was and I loved how she dealt with her slimy jerk of a boss.

This was a fun addition to the Soulmates series, it’s well-written with great characters. I love how characters we’ve met in previous books make appearances in the new ones, so you never really have to let them all go. Nicely done!

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