Being Good, Sagan Morrow

Helen and Ben are preparing for their upcoming nuptials. Only they are vastly different than what they envisioned when Ben first proposed as they’ve both agreed to an open marriage. They’ve decided that their rules won’t take effect until after the wedding and they are sticking to it. I think the best way to describe Being Good is perfectly Helen. We’ve gotten to know her through this series and the fact that she wanted to explore an open marriage was a bit surprising.

I think that having a friend like Emma, who is poly, has really helped Helen to be more open. I appreciate that the poly lifestyle is being explored in this series, and it’s not just the highlights, but the pitfalls, such as when we’re confronted through Emma with the idea that just because a person is poly it doesn’t mean they are going to be down. Emma is a wealth of valuable insight for Helen, in telling her that jealousy isn’t a barometer of how much a person cares.” becomes eye-opening for Helen.

Ben and Helen are going about this through a healthy way, they are seeing a premarital counselor who knows of their impending lifestyle. I think this is a really important thing for them to do because the prospect of marriage without involving other people is daunting enough. Sagan continues to show us fun storylines filled with a wealth of knowledge for those curious or already living a poly life. Each of the characters is unique and I look forward to seeing Helen pop into future books so we can check on her and Ben.

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