Recursion, Blake Crouch

Helena is on a quest to help her mother, and subsequently, others, suffering from Alzheimers and Dementia. When she has the opportunity to work on her invention, a chair, it isn’t used how she intended and it has disastrous results. Meanwhile, Barry, an officer in NY is looking into people suffering from False Memory Syndrome, and things aren’t adding up. We watch the lives of Helena and Barry collide as they race to fix the unintended mess of good intentions.

I think others have been fair in saying that it’s a mashup of various concepts, time travel, alternate dimensions of time, a bit of Groundhog Day for good measure. I will say that a reader does have to be in the right mindset to read this because you are going to be introduced to a lot of scientific elements, and while I love Physics, it might not be right for everyone. When reading, things just kept getting crazier, and in the midst of that crazy, I just wanted things to go right for this duo, so much.

Normally I make notes as I’m reading so I can reflect on them when I’m writing my review, I didn’t do this with Recursion because I found that once I started reading, I didn’t want to take away from my reading to make notes. My favorite author, Koontz, writes things really far out there, but in a way that has you thinking “this could totally happen”, and Crouch had me in that mindset from the beginning. Very well done!

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