Every Minute I Love You, Kailee Reese Samuels

“Love is like a virus, spreading like hot molten lava and seizing our time together, like an everlasting bond.”

Now more than ever, Sal’s love for Iris needs to indeed speak in “more than words”. He’s got a lot to do to prove he is worthy of guarding the Lotus, and that means showing he is worthy to her family. We spend a lot of time watching Sal try to repair the mistakes of his father, of trying to get some of those irons out of the fire.

I think of all the books in this series so far, this one makes the most progress as far as putting out burning fires and of Sal cementing his position of not only who he is, but who he is to Iris. We also see his relationship in Iris’s absence grow into more than what it already was. His love for Deacon only adds to who he is as a future husband to Iris. This book is so much about Sal’s personal evolution of letting go of pain, of working on some of the flaws that don’t help him, and of embracing the flaws that others see as loveable. “Because you are imperfectly warped and defectively flawed and arrantly beautiful in my eyes.”

There is so much involved in this book that it really makes it hard to review without giving things away. The books in this series are wonderfully huge (like Sal, am I right), the last one came in at 702 pages, so know this is going to take you time to read, and each hour invested is a wealth of information that has come to light. Ms. Samuel considers giving her readers fantastic books, intricately weaved together to create a world in which readers desperately want to be a part of. Very well done!

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