The Veil of Trust, S. Usher Evans

Yes! We have finally seen Brynna mature into someone that relies on the wisdom of those following her and who is learning to delegate to others so she can keep her forward momentum. This is something we’ve really been waiting for in this series and I’m glad that it has happened before we reach the final book because it means that she can move leaps and bounds in the final.

There are a lot of irons in the fire in The Veil of Trust. Getting Celia’s camp running smoothly as a training center is a top priority because we need a good army behind Brynna. We’ve also been given some heartbreaking setbacks as well, though I can’t discuss them because it would spoil the storyline, just know, as we’ve come to learn in Brynna’s world, it isn’t always forward motion.

I think the underlying romances that play into the book help the storyline, though I feel like Brynna and Felix’s blossoming romance definitely has gotten put on the backburner. I feel like with the amount of material that is going to have to go in the next book, there isn’t going to be much room to add romance as well. But, I’ve read several of Evan’s books and if anyone can pull it off, she can.

We’ve also learned Illara is planning something and we aren’t sure what that is. She swings back and forth between seeming ahead of the curve and a force to be reckoned with, to appearing unstable, and maybe she is indeed a mix of both, and that kind of combo can be dangerous.

So there is definitely a lot going on and so much more that needs to happen to make taking back the kingdom a success. But because of Brynna’s personal growth, it’s now more a feasible reality than ever. I feel Evans has done a great job with this series and I’m looking forward to the various threads of storyline to be neatly sewed shut. Well done.

For now you can read my review on Amazon, and Goodreads give it a like while you’re there. The Veil of Trust is available on Amazon for $4.99.