What Rose Forgot, Nevada Barr

Rose wakes up outdoors, in a hospital gown and utterly confused. She’s lost a huge amount of time and she’s been placed into a memory care home. When she stops taking her meds, she realizes she really doesn’t belong there and schemes to not only get herself out but to figure out how she got in there in the first place. We follow Rose as goes from one crazy plan to the next, all in the hopes of figuring out who is responsible. With her life in danger and the police looking for her, she needs to figure this all out, and quick.

This was a bit of a slow start but once we laid out the situation and got Rose out of there, the book really picked up for me and I didn’t want to put it down. Rose was a fun and quirky character and very easy to like. Some of her plans to get information were a little far out there and that’s what kept me reading. Her sister Marion was a fun character and I would love to read a book in which she plays the main character.

Barr has created great characters, from Rose to Marion, to Mel, and even the night nurse, they were multi-dimensional. While the plot was a bit out there, I think it played on the fears that a person is sent off to be taken care of by someone else that we all have, and here in the states, care homes are very common for the elderly. What Rose Forgot was witty and insightful, a slow-burn of a thriller that once it picked up, was impossible to put down.

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