The Fortune Teller's Promise, Kelly Heard

Dell is known for running from her problems. Her parents play a huge part in that behavior and in Dell’s mind, the farther away from her mother, the better. She was controlling and narcissistic. After giving up her child for adoption, she settles down reading fortunes. But when her mother finds her with news that her daughter is missing, Dell must stop running and face the past.

When I first requested to read this book from Netgalley, I didn’t notice the tagline to the book that you see on the Amazon page. I normally shy away from those books because the content almost never matches what you think it was going to. This mentioned it was a page-turner which has you thinking it’s going to be a fast-paced thriller and that wasn’t what we got at all. Instead, it’s a lot more of a women’s fiction/family drama. Even though I felt those didn’t match, it was still a good read.

Dell has spent so much time running, she doesn’t know how to settle down. Her child’s father Mason has shown her time and again he just wants her, but she isn’t ready to believe it. I sympathized with her struggle to find calm in a fairly chaotic life. I liked Mason and I thought he was a good fit for Dell. The Fortune Teller’s Promise was a well-written and enjoyable read.

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