Dead Meat: Day 1, Nick Clausen

Thomas, Dan, and Jennie are out for her paper route when things go awry. At an older woman’s house, Jennie must bring the paper inside, though she has Dan do it for her. When Dan’s screams send them racing inside, they realize the woman isn’t normal, in fact, she looks quite like a zombie and if they aren’t careful, her scratch could infect all three of them. Hiding in the basement with no means of escape, the hours dwindle away as they desperately try to come up with a plan.

I always love reading Clausen’s work because he’s really great at writing horror. Once the action started, it was non-stop, having you race through the pages to see what’s going to happen. I didn’t much care for Jennie because she whined, a lot, and I think Clausen did a great job at creating such an unlikable character. I think so many of the trios decisions were perfectly bad decisions, ones that make for classic horror story mistakes, and you watch them pile up. Dead Meat is well-written, with fast-paced fun in an easy and quick novella sized book perfect for fans of zombies and horror.

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