To Wake the Dead, Sarah Lampkin

In book 2 of the Dead Dreamer series, Brenna is learning to better control her abilities. The Gatekeepers are getting more serious, and they’ve recruited the ghost hunting job in their quest to seal off all the portals. They’re now using the newly turned Dead Dreamer Ashley as their means to close the portals. But it’s clearly taking a toll on her as she’s looking worse for the wear. Even though Brenna can’t stand her, it doesn’t mean that she shouldn’t try to help her if she can.

Brenna is great because she fights back against authority. She can’t find a legit reason as to why the portals should be closed, and so she wants to keep them open, and in the meantime, get a handle on Moira who seems to be stepping up her game. But Brenna is finding herself angrier than she was in book 1, and in turn, she’s pushing her friends away, and she needs them more than ever. Even though she’s slow to trust people, she’s learning that she needs to let people in to help share the burden.

I liked how To Wake the Dead picked up right where book 1 left off, you got right in on the action. While I like the Brenna is a strong and assertive character, I didn’t love the level of anger she had, it seemed to be never-ending. If there was one thing I didn’t love about the book it was the assumption that anyone who got a tongue piercing would have swelling for weeks. Having worked in the industry, most people swell for a few days and others not at all. I also felt Lampkin spent way too much time discussing Brenna playing with her tongue ring. Outside of that, this is a fun continuation of the series, I’m grateful to Parliament Press for sending this along and I’m looking forward to what the new, enlarged crew is capable of down the road.

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