The Woman in Cabin 10, Ruth Ware

Lo has been a behind the scenes journalist for 10 years. When her boss is unable to attend the launch of the elite cruise ship, the Aurora, she sends Lo in her place. What is supposed to be a luxurious Norwegian retreat turns into a nightmare when Lo suspects a woman that wasn’t on the manifest is dumped overboard. Her ever-present anxiety is at play as she finds she has little allies in her belief that something happened. As she tries to get to the bottom of the mysterious woman and the sound that woke her in the night, she finds herself being warned to stop investigating, but as a journalist, she must get to the bottom of it.

Lo wasn’t an overly likable character. Ben grabs at her breast and even though she does react to it, she’s back to business as usual with him the next day. I also didn’t care for how she treated her boyfriend. I thought that she pushed too hard where she shouldn’t have and was slow to catch on to things she should have puzzled out sooner. I thought the break-in might have had some further relevance in the book aside from casting her as unreliable, but it didn’t. I didn’t feel there was a great twist at play, nor was the build-up to the reveal as stressful as I’ve come to expect from a mystery/thriller.

The ending was fairly uneventful and I felt a bit let down by it. I thought the middle of the book contained the best material as far as plot, action, and pacing. Aside from the small things I didn’t like, this was a good read. I had grabbed this because last month I read The Turn of the Key, which I also felt was a 4-star read and it seems that there is a bit to like and dislike in each of Ware’s books. She definitely is good at creating unlikeable characters.

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