The Ten Thousand Doors of January, Alix E. Harrow

This is definitely one of my top reads for the year, and I apologize that I cannot do it justice, I can only encourage you to grab this book and read it.

January grew up essentially a ward of the wealthy Mr. Locke as she watched her father leave her time and again in search of artifacts for Mr. Locke. She never understood why he couldn’t just stay home and spend time with her until a book, The Ten Thousand Doors, appears and as soon as she starts reading she soars into magical worlds. Told in alternating timelines of January’s perspective and that of Ade’s, the story slowly starts to merge, coming together for one complete picture.

Each door leads to an entirely different world, and it is in those doors and worlds that we find pearls of wisdom for life, such as: “Worlds were supposed to be great rambling houses with all the windows thrown open and the wind and summer rain rushing through them…” Harrow has weaved a beautiful and magical love story that spans time and entire worlds.

All of the characters we meet are fantastically rich and multi-dimensional, even down to the dog, Bad, and even though this is a full book onto itself, I wasn’t quite ready to let the characters go and would love to continue on with January, Jane, Samuel, and more (and hope Harrow decides to do just that). I know I’m not doing the book justice at all, but I don’t think I ever could in a review. The Ten Thousand Doors of January is full of charm and grace, of the beauty and ugliness in the world, and if anything shines through, it’s perseverance, and it gives you *all the feels*.

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