The Unadjusteds, Marisa Noelle

It’s a new world where nanite technology can allow people to pop a pill to change their DNA. Want wings, horns, tough skin, a genius IQ? Take a pill and you’re forever changed, you are an adjusted. It doesn’t always go seamlessly and people are dying. Even more, there are people out there who don’t want to change, who don’t want to alter themselves, including Silver, the daughter of the scientists who created the pills. The pills that were intended to cure disease, not alter humans.

The president is not happy with Silver’s family, mainly her mother who refused to stop making the pills at the direction the president was taking. She’s been jailed for 2 years and isn’t allowed visitors. As the president continues his edicts that are infringing on people’s rights, life starts getting so much worse for the unadjusteds. As unadjusteds and adjusteds who have had second thoughts go into hiding, they must form a plan to rescue Silver’s parents, their families, and find a way to reverse the mess that’s been created.

This was a fun dystopian read with a great storyline, there was a lot of action going on and the characters weren’t afraid to fight for what was right. Each of them had unique personalities and unique abilities, Silver most of all. I thought Noelle was highly creative in choosing what people could alter themselves with. I think the combination of action, drama, romance, and fantasy made this a super fun read.

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