Foul is Fair, Hannah Capin

Elle, aka Jade, and her three friends Mads, Summer, and Jenny have the means to exact revenge when a situation calls for it. They aren’t new to retribution and when Elle is raped at a St. Andrew’s Prep party, she calls in her friends to make the golden boys pay. One call from her father and she’s the newest St. Andrew’s Prep attendee and the plan starts taking shape. She will make the boys pay and have a blast doing it.

Jade starts with Mack, the seemingly innocent guy. If she can take down his friends and have it pinned on him all the better. She doesn’t think he was at the party but he definitely knew they did something, so that makes him guilty, even if she thinks she’s starting to catch feelings for him.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about this clicky, high school, drama mashup of classics, but I got sucked into the drama, the strength of the girl’s convictions, the support of Jade’s parents. It made it so hard to put down the book when it was time to go to bed. The level of dark in the girls is fantastic. You feel a bit on the outskirts of their conversations, sometimes stilted and short, you sense the evil in what they are planning without being completely privy to that plan.

I found myself cheering on the girls as things fell into place, I wanted them to get the revenge Jade needed to move on, and I highly praise Capin for putting me in such a position. I see other people comparing this to Macbeth, Kill Bill, and the Heathers, and I would say that is completely apt. It’s a wild ride that you won’t want to get off.

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