The Wedding, Lorna Dounaeva

It’s finally Isabel’s wedding day and she has big plans. She’s spent months learning to ride a horse so she can ride one to the chapel in her wedding dress. Though things start to go from bad to worse and while she’s trying to make the most of a bad situation and get through this day, circumstances are making it next to impossible. While she knows Alicia is dead and there’s nothing to worry about, she’s starting to wonder what is really going on.

This was a super-quick read that took me about a half of an hour to read. It’s just enough to tease you about the future for Isabel and Deacon after the wedding. Isabel is great at making the most of a bad situation, and she has certainly done that. This mess would be comical if it was anyone else. Short and sweet and to the point, Dounaeva packs a punch in this small package. Well done.

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