This, C.G. Blaine

Bennett’s mother who had always been distant up and moved away from her as a teen, leaving her in the care of Bennett’s best friend Keaton’s family. Now, all these years later, Bennett still can’t handle commitment, so she runs when things look like they start to get serious. Dane is hooked on Bennett from the start and he knows that she runs away from commitment, so he lets her fly. Only the long-distance is starting to get to him, and no matter how hard Bennett runs, he will never be ready to let her go.

Bennett drove me insane, a good insane, because her running and pushing away, it was just so hard! I can’t imagine being a guy interested in her, because she’s near impossible to deal with. That being said, I totally get why she does it, with a mother that horrible, it makes complete sense. I hurt for her inability to commit because it was just one of the ways her mother leaving her has manifested. The only thing I did question was why she was keeping so many secrets (her relationship from her best friend, keeping Bentley from Dane). Those are huge secrets to keep and I’m not sure why she did that.

I loved Dane’s persistence, I loved his unwavering love and support for Bennett. I loved the two of them together and the scenes would range from funny to sweet, from swoony to sexy, This has all the feels, including a few parts where I might have needed a few tissues because my heart just broke. Liam and Keaton are fantastic supporting characters, and even the characters that weren’t as present as this duo were wonderful, I would love to see more of Steve, Aria, and Marco. Blaine has done a wonderful job with this book and I absolutely loved it.

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