Ricochet, Kathryn Berla

Ricochet is told in four points of view, from essentially the same person on four different plains of existence. We had Tati, Ana, Tanya, and Tatyana, so because of the similar names, it could get tricky to keep track at first, but I think once you got to know each of them a bit, it was much easier to follow.

It would be very easy to spoil the book in a review, so I’m going to try and keep this as vague as possible. As a believer in energy and the possibility of other plains of existence, this intrigued me, but I think even with genetic variants, your DNA would still be human, and that didn’t feel scientifically accurate to me. Each girl lives in a different area of the world, in what sometimes comes across as different timelines, though they aren’t. I appreciate the inclusion of a gay character, but at times it seemed forced. The fact they figure out how to reach out to each other is a great added element, and I liked that they finally took advantage of that ability.

There were some disappointing things as well that just didn’t work for me. The DNA test plot as described in the blurb isn’t the main focus of the story, and while it propels one of the characters to look deeper, there were still other characters that this wasn’t relevant, I feel the blurb should more accurately describe the story. The ending was a letdown because it rushed what the author had only alluded to in a few previous chapters, and I don’t feel it was the best resolution (and it just wasn’t scientifically believable). I think if you’re going to use scientific theories in a book that isn’t a fantasy, then they need to be accurate and believable. I was really excited about this one and grabbed it on Google because I had a gift card, and while I’ve given it 4 stars, I don’t feel this is worth the hefty price tag.

If I take away the things I don’t like about the book, I think there’s an intriguing storyline. The characters were fairly detailed, and I liked the suspenseful element that came with being a person that is a result of their father’s quest for fame. The little differences from world to world was interesting as well (even if I felt the author failed to resolve certain oddities about those details, such as thinking a towel and comforter were one color when they never were.) This is my first read by Berla, and while I didn’t adore this book, a few of her other books look really good, so I’m not giving up yet.

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