Dead Meat: Day 2, Nick Clausen

Dan is trying to stop this disease from spreading and every time he thinks he’s got it, something more pops up. His sister has taken off and he needs to find her. But what he finds instead are a few cops that got caught up in this mess. And while one of the cops has figured things out, it doesn’t mean he played his hand wisely, and so the madness continues.

Dead Meat Day 2 picks off where Day 1 left off, right in the middle of the action. There’s a bit less “horror cheese factor” in this one, and I think it’s an interesting change. But the scenes are gruesome and what you expect to happen during a budding zombie apocalypse. I appreciated that the kids weren’t immune to what they had to do, that it wasn’t just senseless killing. Another well-written, edge of your seat thriller from Clausen. I’m looking forward to continuing this story with Day 3.

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