Camp Lake, John A. Heldt

After several failed attempts to catch up with their time traveling parents that involved multiple periods in time, the Carson siblings have one final chance to meet up with their parents and head back to 2017 together. Their adventures were fraught with joy and heartache and oftentimes filled with danger. Let’s hope the ’80s and a summer at Camp Lake where the parents spent as teens themselves is a little less dangerous and a lot more joyful.

Each of the Carson Chronicles has focused on one specific child’s quest to find their happily ever. We follow Cody, who after even more prophetic dreams, meets a potential soulmate in Karen. She’s smart, fun, and sassy, and she’s keeping a secret that might just tear the two of them apart.

I’ve loved reading this series, and Cody’s story is no exception. I loved the camp setting and think it provided a lot of fun opportunities for the twins. I’ve loved how each of the books continues the story forward from multiple perspectives so you never have to let one character go. I think Camp Lake was a bit more stressful to read because you knew this was their last chance to reunite with their parents. I’ve come to love all the Carsons and their spouses and am a bit sad that this is the final book in the series. But I feel Heldt has written the entire collection wonderfully and given them the best sendoff possible. Very well done!

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