This Will Kill That, Danielle K. Roux

With the death of her parents, Rin wants to see change in the world, she wants to see people stop killing each other based on their Color. Amaya has been raised in isolation, getting daily shots at the hands of her father. When she’s finally had enough, she realizes those shots were more than just keeping her safe, and an entirely new world of abilities opens up for her.

This Will Kill That is a YA dystopian adventure that sorts people by Colors, and certain Colors are superior to others. With a varied and inclusive cast of characters, this fast-paced adventure has a bit to like for everyone. The characters are wonderful, they are detailed and have imaginative abilities in this new world of District City. Alan and Kazuki are wonderful supporting characters and I’m looking forward to seeing how they develop their talents along with Amaya.

This book is the first in the series, so there are unanswered questions that still need to be addressed. Primarily, what is up with the chickens? The plot has multiple things are happening at once and they don’t tend to flow in a straight line. So if you think of it along the lines of quantum physics, in that time is not linear, then you find yourself okay with the non-linear plot. I think the writing is good but that the book could be a bit refined and polished. I’m looking forward to seeing the evolution of the writing, and to see what is in store for our 4-some in future books. Overall, a fun and fast-paced read, well done.

This Will Kill That was an ARC from Parliament press, so for now you can read my review on Goodreads and Bookbub, give it a like while you’re there. This Will Kill That is available for preorder on Amazon for $4.99, it releases December 3rd.