The Mind of a Killer, Amy Cecil

Jackson is pretty sure he ca

n figure out who Jack the Ripper is, he only needs to think like him. In the conclusion to The Ripper Book that uses factual newspaper articles, releases and more, Cecil gives us a page-turning thriller that takes us into The Mind of a Killer to take down one of the most notorious, undiscovered serial killers in history.

Whereas book one tended to focus on the romantic suspense aspect to the story, book 2 is straight out thriller. You find yourself rooting for Jax, hoping that he can figure out who our murderer is. I loved that Cecil has taken historical evidence and incorporated it into the story while adding her own elements. This was a novella, so it’s a super quick read, but the storyline packed a punch as she doesn’t hold back on the gruesome reality that people lived. A great read.

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