Sins of the Flesh, Stacey Broadbent

Sins of the Flesh is a twisted take on gluttony and what happens when we take our obsessions too far. Piper has met Mark, and he’s got a particular taste that he thinks Piper is going to love human flesh. After that first taste, she can’t get enough; her taste for human flesh turns into an obsession. She likes it fresh and she likes it often.

Piper shows extreme skill in her cunning, her ability to draw people into her web. While Mark was the one to introduce her to cannibalism, he had rules in place for safety. Piper takes those rules and throws them out the window. While this was originally part of an anthology, I’ve read both versions, and this one is longer, more fleshed out, and has some great details added. This was a quick read, fun, dark, and wonderfully twisted.

You can read my review on Goodreads, head on over and give it a “like”. Sins of the Flesh is available for preorder on Amazon for 99 cents, it releases December 1st.