Racing Heart, Sienna Grant

Finn is headed to England for the Superbike Championships, he’s focused on his goal and he’s going to let nothing stand in his way. He wants to make his deceased father proud of him, this was their dream. Jordan is happy working at the bar, even if she doesn’t love how demanding her boss is. So when Finn comes breezing in, she’s immediately taken with him. But he’s American and there’s no way she’s going to start something with someone who won’t be here long. The thing about love is you just can’t fight it.

Told in alternating viewpoints of Finn and Jordan, we get a 360 view of them falling for each other. Jordan is full of sass and more than once I found myself laughing out loud at the sass she threw at Finn. I love that Finn is so open; he’s not afraid to be honest about how he’s feeling. These two together are adorably cute. I loved Jordan’s friend Maria, and if Sienna is thinking about turning into this series, I would definitely love to read her story. This was a fun read from start to finish.

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