Before I Go, Colleen Oakley

I had recently read an ARC of You Were There Too and I loved it so much that I wanted to start reading all of Oakley’s books, and I’m glad I started with this one. I knew this was going to be a tough read, but it didn’t prepare me for how many tears would fall. I normally do quick summaries of a book before I review it, but this one is so well-reviewed that I don’t think I need to do that.

I absolutely loved Daisy and Jack’s relationship, it seemed to have evolved at a fast pace that was well suited to how deep a connection they shared. I loved Daisy’s personality and I could picture being her best friend out here in the real world. Watching her come to terms with the fact that she is terminal was hard, it was hard for her and Jack, and it was hard to read. When Daisy got the idea to help Jack move on after she was gone, I praised her for having more grit than I would, because that’s not something I would be able to do let alone think about.

There were light, heartfelt moments and then heartwrenching moments in this journey, and they were all worth every moment spent devouring this read. I can’t recommend it enough, just be sure to have plenty of tissues on hand. Such a wonderful read.

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